Please read these Standard Terms and Conditions of Promotions and the corresponding Special Termsand Conditionsof Promotions carefully.

Article 1-Definitions

1. The following definitions apply for the purposes of these Standard Terms and Conditions of Promotions :

"Promotion" Promotional competition or promotion alaction,as described intheSpecial Termsand Conditions of Promotions.
"Promotionarea" The territory where the promotion takes place.This Promotiononly pertains to Supports and services purchased with in the promotionarea.
"Promotionperiod" The period the promotion runs, as provided for in the Special Terms and Conditions of Promotions.
"Termsand Conditions of Promotions" These Standard Terms and Conditions of Promotions, the Special Terms and Conditions of Promotions and any additional terms and conditions and provisions that were announced by Carepro Disability Service before or during the promotion on its websiteor at the point of sale.Special Terms and Conditions of Promotionstake precedence over Standard Terms and Conditions of Promotions in the event of adifference between the two. The Terms and Conditions of Promotions apply to participants of the NDIS and/or Carers of Paticipants of the NDIS.
"Special Terms and Conditions of Promotions" The Special Terms and Conditions of Promotions form an inseparable part of these Standard Terms and Conditions of the Promotion
"Entrymaterial" Contributions of all types, including videos, text, photos, audio, drawings, paintings,… of membersinthe framework of a promotion.
"Participant" The person who participates in the promotion and who is entitled to do so on the basis of Article2 of these Standard Termsand Conditions of Promotions
"Host" Carepro Disability Service, withits registered office at 9D Olsen Place, Broadmeadows VIC 3047.
"Benefit" Any benefit that is obtained duringa promotion, including a prize, a cashback or agift, such as described in the Special Terms and Conditions of Promotions. If it concerns acompetition, the winner is the participant who is awarded aprizeintheway determined in the Special Terms and Conditions of Promotions.
"Website" The website that isused in the framework of the promotion.

Article2 – Participation Requirements

1. An NDIS Participant with an approved NDISPlan,participants under the age of 18 or participants with limited decision making abilities can ewith promotion area, who is olderthan 18 at the time of participation, may participate in the promotion. Carepro Disability Serviceis entitled toaskfor proof.

2. Nominees/ Carers of Participants under the age of 18 and/or Representatives of Participants with limited decision making abilities may participate in the Promotion.Carepro Disability Service is entitled toaskfor proof.

3. In the event of misuse, fraud, manipulation, circumvention or a breach of the terms andConditions of Promotions, Carepro Disability Serviceis entitled to exclude participants or groups ofparticipants. Carepro Disability Service is entitled to do this on the basis of a suspicion and is not bound to informtheparticipantor toprovideproof.

4. By participating in the promotion, the participant states to agree to the terms and Conditions ofPromotions.

5. The participant can only participate in the promotion during the promotion period and only in themanner described in the Special Terms and Conditions of Promotions. If the Participant submits hisentry late, early, in a way other than the prescribed manner, or otherwise incomplete, he shall beexcludedfromparticipationwithoutfurther notice.

6. There are no costs or conditions associated with participation, this will be stipulated in the Special Terms andConditionsofPromotions.

7. The participant states and guarantees that the entry material that he/she makes available toCarepro Disability Servicein the framework of a promotion is not unlawful and not in breach of the law. Inparticular, the participant states and guarantees explicitly that the entry material does not breachintellectual property rights or other rights of third parties and is not injurious, insulting, racist,offensive, libellous, discriminating or otherwise in breach of good taste or decency and is not andcannotbemisleadingorunlawful inanyway.If Carepro Disability Servicebelievesthistobe suitableor necessary in its own free opinion due to one of the aforementioned reasons or any other validreason, Carepro Disability Servicemay refuse or remove the entry material without consultation with orconsentfromtheParticipant.

8. The participant transfers all current and future intellectual property rights and other rights to theentry material explicitly and unconditionally to Carepro Disablity Service, (1) for as long as the relevant rightsapply and (2) to the extent permitted by law. Carepro Disability Servicemay use and license the entrymaterial worldwide and without restrictions by means of every conceivable medium after expiry ofthe promotion period. Furthermore, the participant waives every right to compensation inconnectionwith theentrymaterialanditstransfer.

9. Only during the promotion period may the participant request Carepro Disability Serviceto remove hisentry material, following which the relevant entry material will be removed as soon as possible. Thisrequest leads to a declaration of invalidity of the participation in the framework of which the entrymaterial was transferred. The relevant participant will no longer be eligible for the benefit for thatparticipation.

10. If a participant participated in the promotion in breach of the terms and Conditions ofPromotions, Carepro Disability Servicereserves the right to designate a new winner for the relevant benefitand/or the exclude the participant from this promotion or any subsequent promotions. Carepro Disability Serviceisnotobligedtonote thattheBenefit has becomenullandvoid.

11. Participation by means of certain scripts, systems, automated functions, or other methods thatincreasethe chancesofwinningis prohibited.

Article 3 -The Benefit

1. The benefit is strictly personal, non-exchangeable for goods and/or services and not transferrablewithoutwrittenpermissionfromCarepro Disability Service.

Article 4 – Exclusion of liability

1. Carepro Disability Serviceis not in any way liable for costs and additional expenses a Participant wouldhave toincurin connectionwiththepromotionoruseof thebenefit.

2. Except for gross negligence or intent, Carepro Disability Service, its employees, assistants or third parties itengaged are not liable for damage caused by the payment or use of the Benefit or the participant'sparticipationinthe promotion.

3. Except for gross negligence or intent, Carepro Disability Service, its employees, assistants or third parties itengaged are not liable for damage caused by faults of whichever nature in the software, computer,network, the internet that caused the entry of the participant to be received late, poorly, delayed ornot atall byCarepro Disability Service.

4. Carepro Disability Servicedoes not provide any guarantee in relation to the paid benefit and excludeseveryliability,exceptforgrossnegligenceorintent,inthatregard.Carepro Disability Serviceisnotliablefor (i) if the benefit is received later than announced, (ii) received by thewrong person, (iii) or was lost or damaged during its shipment or (iv) if the Benefit or replacementBenefitdeviatesfromtheofferedbenefitonsubordinate points.

5. Carepro Disability Serviceisnotresponsibleorliableintheeventoffraudbyparticipants.

6. The member is exclusively liable for the content of the entry material that he makes available inthe framework of the promotion. Carepro Disability Servicecannot be liable for this in any event. Theparticipant shall indemnify Carepro Disability Serviceagainst any claim by a third party in connection with thecontentoftheentrymaterial submitted bytheparticipant.

Article 7 – Privacy

1. The personal details that are provided by the participant to Carepro Disability Servicein the framework ofthis promotion are subject to the applicable national legislation regarding privacy. In its capacity asthe party responsible for processing, Carepro Disability Services only process these details for purposesthat promote the proper progress of the promotion and serve the objectives of the promotion, own market research and direct marketing, andfor purposes referred to in Article 3. Within the framework of the aforementioned purposes, thepersonal details may be passed on to one or more entities of the group to which Gallagher belongs orintheeventof astatutoryobligation orfollowingarequestfrom thepoliceor judicialauthorities.Thepersonal details shallnot begiven orsoldtothirdparties. In some cases the user may provide these personal details through his account with social media,such as Facebook or website. In that case Carepro Disability Services only process those details obtainedbymeansof the socialmediathat are necessary to realise theaforementionedpurposes.

2. Every participant may exercise his statutory right to access, improve, or oppose the use of personaldetails for direct marketing free of charge by sending a written, signed and dated request to thateffect,togetherwithacopyofhisproofofidentitytoCarepro Disability Service,bymeansofstandardposttoCarepro Disability Service,9D Olsen Place Broadmeadows Vic 3047.Ifitconcerns anelectronicproofofidentity,aprintofthecontentof thechiporanofficialstatementvia an email is acceptable.

Article 8 – Complaints

1. Anybody with questions, complaints or comments may turn to the Carepro Disability ServiceCustomer services at the address or telephone number as included in the Special Terms and Conditions ofPromotions. Customer Services can also be contacted at the e-mail addressadmin@careprods.com.au.

Article 9 – Final Provisions

1. Carepro Disability Serviceis entitled to amend these terms and Conditions of Promotions, without statingreasons, or to cancel the promotion, if, in the light of statutory or regulatory provisions orinterpretations thereof by government bodies, the promotion cannot be continued or cannot becontinued unchanged, if the further implementation of the promotion is actually or otherwiseimpossible or impossible under the same conditions or if the circumstances concerning thepromotion have changed to such an extent that its continued progress involves unreasonable ordisproportionate extra costs or difficulties for Carepro Disability Service. The most recent version of theseTermsandConditionsofPromotionscanbeconsultedonthe websitethroughoutthe Actionperiod.

2. The content of the terms and conditions is under reservation of clerical errors and interpretation.Itisnot possibleto deriveanyrights fromclericalerrorsormistakesbyHost.

3. These Terms and Conditions of Promotions are governed by the law of the promotion areadetermined in the Special Terms and Conditions of Promotions,

Special Terms and Conditions


1. A 3 Night 4 Day Hotel Voucher in any 1 of the enlisted distination both National and International.

2. Participants that meet eligiblity for participation must adhere and agree to the standard terms and condionions of the promotion.

Like any product or service on the market, our holiday promotion also has a few terms and conditions that you should be aware of, such as:

1. There are NO timeshare presentations required to use this vacation incentive or any other hoops you will need to jump through to redeem.

2. Travel can be completed within 18 months after activation. This incentive cannot be combined with any other hotel stay or promotional vacation offer. This incentive cannot be used in conjunction with another similar or same promotional offer.

3. If you have more than one vacation incentive, they cannot be used back-to-back in the same or different destinations. There must be at least 1 year gap between each vacation booked.

4. Group travel is NOT allowed, only one incentive per household and resort/hotel is allowed.

5. These rooms are for 2 to 4 occupants based on room type and availability and at least one occupant must be at least 21 years of age. The main reservation holder must also have a Major Credit or a Bank Debit Card, plus a valid government-issued ID to check-in.

6. All reservations require a minimum of 30 days advance notice to book. Reservations are based on availability and understandably rooms are less likely to be available at peak vacation periods like Christmas & School Holidays. Check-in is available 7 days a week.

7. The user must reside at least 160 kilometres away from the destination resort of choice. For example, if you live in within 160km of Sydney, you cannot book a Sydney hotel.

8. The incentive activation is FINAL & NON-REFUNDABLE.

The end user will have 18 months to travel and can choose from all available destinations to find travel dates and participating resort/hotel options. Once travel dates are confirmed, no changes will be allowed.

9. A booking fee of $29.95 AUD per night is applicable to all hotel stays. This is an industry-standard and covers booking fees, local taxes, etc.

Promotional Period:

• This Promotion is for 28 days starting from 12 May 2021-09/06/2021 inclusive.


• Participant must select from one of the services listed under the promotion and sign a non lock in service agreement for 12 months or more.

• Participants are required to commit 3 months before voucher is handed out

• Paticipant Funding must be either Plan Mananged And/or Self Managed.

• Must be within 15KM of our Main Office in Broadmeadows.