Feedback & Complaint Register.

Carepro Disability Service is committed to continuance improvement and high standards of customer service, as part of our aspiration we strongly value and encourage feedback.

Feedback is a critical part of our business and we welcome any compliments, criticism and complaints directed to us.

Here is the available Channels to submit your feedback and complaints.

1. You can Call us on (03) 9492-6982

2. You can email us on –

3. You can also reach us on the chat at

4. You can lodge the complaint below on the feedback and complaint register.

Once your complaint is lodged, we will be in touch with to initiate investigation and resolution options. you will be advised on the outcome reach by our compliance team.

If You are not satisfied with the outcome you may request for an appeal and alternatively you may reach out to the NDIA on 1800-800-110.

For full details please refer to our feedback and complain policy.

Feedback & Complaint Form

Feedback and complaint Policy

Feedback and Complaints Management


Carepro Disability Service is committed to implementing a Feedback and Complaints Management Process to ensure that all participants have knowledge of and access to our complaints management and resolution system. Complaints and other feedback made by all parties are welcomed, acknowledged, respected and well-managed.

Carepro Disability Service ensures :

  • A complaints management and resolution system are maintained. The system follows principles of procedural fairness and natural justice and complies with the requirements under the NDIS - Complaints Management and Resolution - Rules 2018.
  • Each participant is provided with information on how to give feedback or make a complaint, including avenues external to the provider, and their right to access advocates. There is a supportive environment for any person who provides feedback and/or makes complaints.
  • Demonstrated continuous improvement in complaints and feedback management by regular review of complaint and feedback policies and procedures, seeking of participant views on the accessibility of the complaints management and resolution system, and incorporation of feedback throughout the organisation.
  • All workers are aware of, trained in, and comply with the required procedures in relation to complaints handling.

This policy provides direction to all Carepro Disability Service employees regarding the importance of responding effectively to complaints and defines what constitutes a complaint, and the process for managing a complaint.


A complaint can be ‘an expression of dissatisfaction with a service provided’ or ‘a concern that provides feedback regarding any aspect of service that identifies issues requiring a response’.At Carepro Disability Service, we will:

  • ensure that any person can easily make a complaint orally or in writing (including an anonymous complaint)
  • provide information about how to make a complaint to the provider and to the Commissioner.
  • ensure that all complaints are dealt with fairly and quickly.
  • ensure appropriate support and assistance is provided to any person who wishes to make or has made, a complaint.
  • ensure that a person who makes a complaint, or a person with disability affected by an issue raised in a complaint, is not adversely affected as a result of the making of the complaint.
  • keep records about complaints that they receive.
  • demonstrate continuous improvement in complaints and feedback management by regular reviews.

Carepro Disability Service provides information about how to make a complaint to the participants and their family/support network through the ‘Welcome Pack’ and ‘Participant Handbook’.

Complaints can be made by a participant and/or participant’s family/support network.

Carepro Disability Service is aiming to ensure all complaints are acknowledged, assessed, and resolved in a fair, efficient and timely manner.

The complaint will be acknowledged in person, orally or in writing within 5 calendar days after receiving the complaints.

We respect the participant’s right to access an advocate. Please refer to the ‘Right to access an advocate Policy’ in this ‘Participant Handbook’.

Managing the complaint

It is our responsibility to listen to and respond to a complaint. The aim is to manage frontline complaints at the point of contact and to resolve the complaint as soon as possible. This process includes, but not be limited to:

  • communicate with the person making the complaint.
  • -
  • provide an environment for them to express their concerns.
  • -
  • clarify the concerns and identify their expectation about the results.
  • -
  • explain the process of managing the complaint and resolution system.
  • -
  • express our understanding, empathy, and apology.
  • -
  • complete the ‘Complaints Management Form’ and update ‘Complaints & Feedback Register’ as soon as practical.
  • -
  • You may also provide your complaint directly on our website or through the chat available on the website or on the feedback and complaint register also on the website.
  • -
  • communicate the progress and outcome of the investigation with the participant, participant’s family/support network.
  • -
  • follow up with the person making the complaint to make sure whether they are satisfied with the resolution process and outcomes.

Review and risk assessment

All complaints are reviewed and investigated. All investigation information is collected in the ‘Complaints Management Form’ and ‘Complaints & Feedback Register’.

‘Complaints Management Form’ also will be shared with participants and their family/support network as a part of the ‘Welcome Pack’ and ‘Participant Handbook’.

The root cause of the complaint will be analysed to identify what has happened and determined the appropriate action. Required actions are determined and implemented as per recommendations from the investigation and review in developing and ensuring improved practice.

A suitable timeframe for the implementation of recommendations is documented in action plans and the ‘Complaints Management Form’. Information also includes who will be accountable for the implementation.

Ongoing monitoring is in place to ensure recommendations are addressed in a timely manner and to evaluate the success of any action taken to achieve improvement.

Feedback regarding the effectiveness of recommendations is discussed with the participant in seeking feedback relating to the implemented recommendations. This feedback can be informal or formal.

If applicable, a risk assessment will be undertaken to ensure all aspects of the services and activities are managed and controlled in a safe manner. ‘Risk Assessment Register’ to be updated.

Statistics and other information relating to complaints will be collected and registered in the ‘Complaints & Feedback Register’ to review the efficiency and effectiveness of the Complaints Management process to make sure they all professionally managed, and also, identifying and eliminating any systematic issue. Summary of the results will be monitored during the annual management review process and recorded in the ‘Management Review Report Form’.

Participant’s right to make a complaint is also referred in the ‘Service Agreement’. A copy of the ‘Service Agreement’ and ‘Participant Handbook’ will be provided to each participant.

Awareness and Training

All manager, employees and workers are trained and inducted regarding the feedback and complaint management requirements and responsibilities.

‘Worker Handbook’ has been developed and communicated. Manager, employees and workers have read, understood and acknowledged this handbook.

Record keeping

Carepro Disability Service will maintain all records relevant to the complaint for 7 years from the day the record is made.


- National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013

- National Disability Insurance Scheme (Quality Indicators) Guidelines 2018

- NDIS - Complaints Management and Resolution - Rules 2018