Domestic Supports and Services

While there are heaps of service providers delivering care services, many simply struggle to reach the expectations of participants due to 3 main factors, understanding the extend of your disability and packaging your services to achieve your independence, securing staff that have diverse skill sets to allow you to expand services you get for our team, meeting your flexibility needs and building rapport to establish long-term relations to ensure you are not changing providers and going through services about what is required This package is designed to give you the ultimate freedom.

Community Participation

At Carepro Disability Services we Acknowledge the critical importance for you to engage in the community. We understand the challenges you and your family may experience each and every day to attend to your duties,

We aim to give you that freedom through our support team to provide you that flexibility and peace of mind for your community engagement needs.

Household Maintenance Package (HMP)

Carepro considers the highest regard for all the elements that contribute to participant health and wellbeing.

Our cleaning services expand its approach to specifically meet the need of those most vulnerable in our community through a holistic approach to support the physical, mental, social and psychological wellbeing of participants.

our Cleaning services achieves the above objectives through the Standard operating procedures in place,

  • All contractors meet a stringent screening process.
  • All chemicals used are monitored to protect you and your loved ones.
  • ALL Contractors must display high quality standards.
  • All contractors are subjected to internal audits to ensure standards are met.

Travel & Transport Services

Carepro travel services cover all types of transportation needs and are usually offered together with community participation. We also work with families and individuals in accessing public transport to enable participants to travel freely and promote independence for you and your loved ones.

  • Need a wheelchair accessible vehicles
  • Travelling with assistance animals
  • Need Supervision & someone to travel with
  • Need uber like services