Your Core budget is the most flexible, and includes four categories of support:

   1. Consumables (e.g. purchasing everyday use items such as continence aids)

   2. Daily Activities (e.g. assistance with self-care activities during the day or evening)

   3. Assistance with Social and Community Participation (e.g. supports to enable you to engage in social or recreational activities)

   4. Transport (e.g. if you are unable to use public transport because of your disability).

The good news is you can generally use Core budget funds allocated against one support category to purchase supports under another support category unless funds have been set aside for a specific purpose such as periodic payments for transport, or any Core budget line item type that is:

   • Specialised Disability Accommodation i.e. accommodation for participants who require specialist housing solutions due to significant functional impairment and/or very high support needs

   • In-kind e.g. Government pre-paid supports such as school transport or some therapy supports

   • Stated item (including Quotes for certain items) e.g. assistance in a shared living arrangement.

In these cases, the funds within a category must only be used for that specific purpose. For details about your Core supports please refer to your NDIS plan.