The Capital Support budget relates to supports such as assistive technology or modifications to your home and as such depends on quotes from suppliers. Funds within this budget can only be used for their specific purpose (e.g. a rail in the bathroom or a wheelchair) and cannot be used to fund other items.

The Capital Support budget has two support categories:

   • Assistive Technology – includes equipment items for mobility, personal care, communication, and recreational inclusion (e.g. wheelchairs or vehicle modifications).

   • Home Modifications (e.g. rail in the bathroom).

Our vision at Carepro Disability Services is to provide NDIS participants that are ethnically diverse to access one stop high quality Services and to create opportunity and relief to those most vulnerable in the community.

Our purpose reflects and mirrors our aspiration for a world where people with disability are seen for their ability and not there disability, it’s a world that is fair and accessible, where people with disability have the opportunity to participate as equal citizens and exercise control over personal outcomes.

Carepro Disability Service is passionate about the role it can play in achieving this vision and the difference it can make in the life of individuals. Our mission is to provide quality, sustainable and flexible services that uphold high ethical standards and human rights were create opportunities, empowering individuals are at the core of our values and to enable our clients to live the life they choose. Our mission is a statement about how and what we will do to support a world where people with disability are equal citizens.

This is the summary of our purpose which highlight our focus on human rights and the provision of choice and control for everyone including our most vulnerable. Our mission is at the core of every service and function that we deliver.

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