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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides necessary support as well as funding for those living with a disability. There are various kinds of services that are offered. It includes home modification design and construction, therapeutic supports, transport, and many more. 

In case you are missing on the formal support and benefits, we can guide you with the complete process to get the

Firstly, assess your eligibility

Before applying for the NDIS funding it becomes important to read the eligibility criteria outlined with NDIS. The website of NDIS consists of a simple questionnaire before applying for the funds. In case you are not eligible for the NDIS funding, you will be entitled to other support and benefits.

Full guide to get ndis

How to apply for NDIS funding

If you have completed the questionnaire and have determined if you are eligible for receiving the funding, the next step will be to apply for NDIS.

You will have to make an ‘Access Request’ with the NDIA. There are three ways one can do this:

✔️  Give a call to NDIA on 1800 800 110 or you can get help from us by calling  (03) 94926982  and asking for guidance with the Access-Request.

✔️ Download and submit the access recommendation form and send it to

✔️  Get in touch with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or NDIA office and ask to make an Access-Request.

The process involves you proving the NDIS eligibility and identity.

Once you submit the Access-Request, the NDIA will process the request. As it gets approved, one will be contacted by the NDIA or a LAC to arrange a planning meeting.

Once the planning meeting is scheduled, you will require documents as well as information related to yourself and give NDIS a better understanding of you. This can be given easily if you have complete knowledge about yourself, the disability, type of support as well as assessment of your health.

Preparing for your planning meeting is an extremely important tool. It helps to ensure the NDIS Partner gets the right funding for the goals and needs.

If you choose for a face-to-face NDIS planning meeting you can bring a supporter with you. At CarePro Disability Services, we’ve acted as a supporter for numerous clients.

Our purpose during this meeting is to advocate on your behalf while making you feel safe and secure.

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What is included in the NDIS fund?

We believe everyone’s needs and goals are unique. So, the types of support funded by the NDIS will differentiate from person to person. Here are a few types of supports which are just an example of what the NDIS may fund:

  1. Day-To-Day Personal Activities
  2. Transport to community, social, and daily life activities
  3. Workplace funding to help you find and keep a job
  4. Therapeutic supports related to behavior support
  5. Assistance with household tasks for maintaining the home environment.
  6. Professional help for arranging aids or equipment assessments.
  7. Mobility equipment
  8. etc.
How to Get NDIS Support & Services

CarePro Disability Service have multiple specialist support coordinatorsacross different ages who are willing to provide the right and effective services. So, if you are also willing to take the most empathetic services we are here to help you.

For more information click here below and contact registered NDIS disability support and service provider.

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